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Florida Bone and Joint Specialists is a six-member independent orthopaedic surgery practice located at the Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine in Gulf Breeze, FL.


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Total Shoulder Replacement Recovery: What to Expect

A full recovery from a total shoulder replacement surgery takes patience, time and hard work. By knowing what to expect following surgery, a successful recovery is more likely.
Can you dislocate your foot?

Can you dislocate your foot?

It is possible to dislocate the bones within the midfoot joint complex (aka Lisfranc joint) of the foot: This joint complex consists of the ligaments and bones that connect the forefoot to the midfoot.
Running: The 5 Most Common Injuries

Running: The 5 Most Common Injuries

There are many benefits to those who make running a regular part of their lives. Running provides an outlet for stress, and it helps runners to lose weight and feel better about themselves.
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